We hope to bring you happiness, colors, sustainability and also effectiveness for your every day family life!

Too often it is considered that using a re-usable cloth diaper is complicated and time consuming in comparison to using a disposable diaper. However, there is many advantages too. The use of Wouwou diapers save costs, but also space in storage and amount of waste produced. They are easy to use as pre-folding of Insert before the use is not needed and the cover does not have to be changed every time, but only the insert. The use of textile diaper helps to keep the baby's skin healthier.

Our mission was to develop a easy wear and easy care diaper being a quick drying, sporty looking, even stylish. Elina got the idea of improved textile diaper when her 2 children were young. She used and tested numerous different textile diapers while thinking of comprehensive improvements to the use textile diapers.

AIO (all-in-one) diapers take up to 24 hours to dry, and the whole diaper needs to always be washed. By experience the idea of the Cover and Insert separately, but easily attachable, started to seem the easiest and the most efficient way to use a re-usable textile diaper.

WOUWOU Gear Oy was established by Elina, and her friend Hanna joined the team later on. They both have Master's degree in Textile and Clothing Technologies and Engineering. They have over 20 year practical experience in textile product design, research, development and international production, especially in children's clothing and gear.

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