With using textile diapers, the amount of waste produced is minimal in comparison with the usage of disposable diapers.

According to different sources, the amount of waste each child "creates" during the diaper age, is from 400 kg - 1500 kg. The quantity of diapers can be even 5000 pieces during 2,5 years, if only disposable diapers are used.

The plastic products, like single use diapers, are not degradable in landscape. They are not recyclable either .

The WOUWOU textile diaper has a separate Cover and Insert, which enables separate wash, in different temperatures. The Cover doesn't necessarily need to be washed after every Insert change. Re-using the Cover without laundry always saves energy, water and chemical.

After the use, the WOUWOU Cover can be burned to create energy.

PGuardĀ® - Inserts can also be burned, or to be submitted to recycling plant, which can process different textile materials.

All WOUWOU diapers are produced in Estonia, with a reliable long term partner. We are constantly working together for improving designs and production methods.

Our supply chain is ethical and transparent. Because we design and develop the products ourselves, we know every component and material supplier and manufacturer in the production chain.

Ecological impact