The WOUWOU textile diaper has been developed for the child's first and second year. The usage of textile diaper has been proven to foster "the leaning to potty " phase. Textile diaper allows the child to feel the moisture on the insert. Waterproof diaper Cover is still breathable, and thus it decrease the risk for skin irritation, so called "diaper rash".


WOUWOU textile diapers are easy to use, since there is no preparation needed with cover and insert.

They look sporty and classy, fun colours are ready to e.g. beachwear!

The WOUWOU covers are durable and breathable due to the technical 3-layer material. Outer material, waterproof & breathable membrane and lining.

  • you can wash both covers and inserts even 100-200 times
  • PGuard® -inserts are durable for really long time, the bamboo / cotton frotee endure hundreds of washes, giving increased absorbation with every wash!
    If the cover doesn't get dirty, you can use it multiple times, and just change the Insert. This radically dimihishes the amount for washing.
    • the cover dries on a cloth line in approx. 2 hours, no tumble drying needed
    • The structure of the PGuard® -insert consists of several separate layers, which makes drying of them very fast
      Both covers and inserts can be tumble dried in a low temperature, but this might shorten the lifetime of the products.
      The PGuard® -insert can be folded, if more absorption is needed e.g. for boys in front part.

Product Features