Easy-to-use Textile Diaper

We want to bring the textile diapers in every day use for every family. Textile diapers can be perceived as "difficult and time consuming". Using textile diapers removes the need of buying the piles of disposable diapers, which also saves your money. Online delivery of textile diapers arrive in 3-5 days.

1. Storage

The WOUWOU textile diaper takes considerably less space in storage, than the single-use or all-in-one cloth diapers. The inserts can be gather in neat piles, being simply ready for use. Also the covers take very little space.

2. The use and changing of the textile diaper

Please remember to WASH THE INSERTS before use! This way the insert absorbing capabilities emerge. The covers are technically ready to use without washing.

The PGuardĀ® - Insert is attached to the Cover with a Velcro tape. The layers of the Insert can also be folded to increase the absorbing material in front, for baby boys. The technical upper layer filters the liquid through to Bamboo/Cotton layers. Solid droppings are easy to flush directly into toilet and then put them in a storage bin to wait for the laundry. Once the droppings can be removed immediately, it minimizes the "smelly trash" compared to disposable diapers.

The size 1 Cover is meant for babies approx. between 4-8 kg. The size 2 from approx. 9-13 kg.

3. The maintenance of the textile diaper

It's not necessary to change the Cover every time, the change of Insert only might be a sufficient.

The laundry temperature for the Covers is 30-40C, and for the Inserts 40-60C, depending how dirty they are. Both the Cover and Insert are fast drying, either on cloth line or radiator. Also the tumble drying is allowed but with the low temperature.

Both can be washed at least 100-200 times, without the properties deteriorating.

The amount of Covers and Inserts you need, depends on the

a) frequency of usage (Note that even occasional use of textile diapers is good for the environment)

b) how often you do the diaper laundry.

If you have 6-8 Covers and 18-24 Inserts, the laundry can be done only 2-3 times in a week.

Use of Diaper